Dance and Performance


Take part in a ballet-inspired class designed by dancers to increase core-strength and flexibility. This class is led by highly-experienced professional dancers and is open to anyone over the age of 16

Beginners Breakdance

Learn basic top rock, get downs, footwork and freezes from London City Island resident Dan Dewhirst, a full-time professional performance artist with credits including feature films, commercials and Netflix

Sleeping Beauty Family Dance Workshop

Learn extracts from the production Sleeping Beauty with English National Ballet artists in this creative family dance workshop. For families with children ages 5-10

English National Ballet Tour

Explore the English National Ballet’s facilities in this behind the scenes tour of their new home on London City Island

The Bold & the Beautiful

An open performance piece by Teddy May de Kock, reproducing text and props from the famous soap opera the Bold & the Beautiful. Teddy's performance will feature in The Discovery Sessions on the 21st September

Q&A With Jennie Harrington

Learn all about the English National Ballet and how dancers train and perform with Jennie Harrington, an English National Ballet dancer who has performed all over the world

Youth Ballet Workshop

Set sail with Conrad the pirate in this open level ballet class focussing on flexibility, strength and alignment. For participants aged 11-16

Open Rehearsal

See behind the scenes in an open rehearsal with one the English National Ballet's Principal dancers and Ballet Staff