Open Studios and Exhibition at arebyte Studios

Come and see where artists create, followed by a chance to talk to artists directly about their process at a mixed media group exhibition over drinks and music

Powered by Native Exhibition

A free workshop powered by Native Instruments & Three Bears Ent. Taking you through music production using Logic Pro and Native Instruments

Chewed Pink Owl

A photographic exhibition by Jon Baker at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Jon captures the image within his camera on sheets of photographic paper a few metres wide. Within Jon’s imagery he often sees plants, insects and animals as symbolizing the human body

The Underlying

Multimedia London-based artist Ami Clarke expands on her work on speculation in language and the economy as a state of contingency becomes a modus operandi

127 Velocities

Paul Mortimore and Sequin Kay present to you a slice of the sublime in an exhibition interpreting the German Philosopher Immanuel Kant’s definitive statement on the sublime

Vestiges and Bloom

A photographic celebration of the Royal Docks heritage by advertising and celebrity photographer Michele Turriani. Each imposing colour image combines found materials and opulent flower compositions


Discovery Sessions Exhibition

Trinity Art Gallery presents the work of 36 emerging artists. Open Saturday 21st 10am – 6pm and Sunday 22nd 10am – 5pm


Tesla Coil and Faraday Cage
Sonic Interface

Born 65 years apart, Michael Faraday and Nikola Tesla revolutionised the generation and harnessing of electricity in the 19th Century. This sonic interface melds two of their greatest creations, the Faraday Cage to contain power and the Tesla Coil to create it. This installation is open from 11am-5pm throughout the festival in the Electricians Shop Basement