3m film still_unity arts festival_copyright London Film School

Three Centimetres, 9min, 2017
Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to make their friend feel better about her breakup. Their conversation drifts to a less fun place.

London Film School Crew
Writer and Director Zeidan, Lara - Producer Giordano, John - Cinematographer Cioffi, Pierfrancesco - Editor Bonomi, Emanuele - Sound Recordist Zabulonska, Kateryna - Title Design Malhan, Dheeraj - Sound Editor Bonomi, Emanuele - Assistant Director Girodana, John - Camera Assistant Vincente Durà, Joan - Colourist Cioffi, Pierfrancesco

when the howls find us_unity arts festival_film still_london film school copyright

When the Howls Find Us, 12min, 2017

London Film School Crew
Editor Ge, Mengwei - Cinematographer Grettve, Andrea Katarina - Sound Recordist Volpi, Franco - Production Designer Modu, Amarachukwu - Producer Nobre De Carvalho, Frederico - Gaffer Thomas, Matthew - Camera Assistant Lin, Chien-Yu - Art Director Zhang, Yangxue - Boom Swinger Mollinger, Luc - Grip Jensen, Maja - Co-writer Stepenberg, Alejandro

scraps_film still_unity arts festival_london film school copyright

Scraps, 11min, 2017
Scraps is the story of a boy made of trash, who comes to life and finds that his creator, the rubbish-hoarding Gordon Grott, isn't much of a father figure. When the lonely Gordon finds himself about to receive a house-guest, Scraps sees an opportunity to escape. But could Scraps have more in common with Gordon than he initially thought?

London Film School Crew
Director of Photography Achtelik, Pawel - Writer and Director Brake, Chris - Camera Operator O'Neill, Leanne - Production Manager Grattan, Amanda - Producer Brake, Chris - Production Designer Malhan, Dheeraj - Production Manager Maas, Marijn - Sound Recordist Balcazar, Juan - Focus Puller Wilfred, Ryan - Camera Assistant King, Zara - Grip        Montague, Andrew - Gaffer Cho, Michelle - Spark Manjuvil, Shyam -  Spark Rios, Marlene - Boom Swinger   Sakr, Abdul-Rahman - Boom Swinger   Haigh, William - Boom Swinger Maas, Marijn - Boom Swinger Kumar, Rochna - Gaffer Guliyev, Mohsun - Spark Hughes, Anthony - Stills Photographer Tibi, Samuel - Boom Swinger Tibi, Samuel - Spark Matveyeva, Anastasia - Spark Kumar, Rochna - Spark Menon, Sarath - Editor Balcazar, Juan - Grip Téllez Novoa, Mauricio Javier - Camera Assistant Tennant, Flora - Spark Niu, Hsien -Assistant Director Tornier, Diane

some girls

Some Girls, 21min, 2017
'Some Girls' follows Mina, a teenage girl, who is swept up in the excitement of rebellious new friendships. We follow her as she explores her desires, fears and struggles to come to terms with her sexuality and her own identity.

London Film School Crew
Writer-Director Adamson, Cait Lyn - Producer Seward, Laura - Cinematographer Deleplace, Chloe - Editor Chim, Terence - DIT Yong, Keenen - Focus Puller Vicente Durà, Joan - Camera Assistant Rowe, Thomas - Grip Bonomi, Emanuele - Sound Recordist Volpi, Franco - Spark O'Neill, Leanne - Spark Hurcomb, Abigail - Spark Grettve, Andrea Katarina - Gaffer Cho, Michelle - Spark Lin, Chien-Yu - Assistant Director Nobre De Carvalho, Frederico - Assistant Director Thorowgood, Cottia - Runner Waters, Katherine - Runner Kau, Frederic - Runner Manachino, Federico

kai_film still_unity arts film festival_copyright of London Film School

Kai, 21min, 2017
Kai is slowly seized by the splintered fragments of a latent past, in a claustrophobic, psychological story that explores inevitability, obsession, and the eternal return.

London Film School Crew
Writer-Director Leyte Cortés, Bernardo - Producer Salas Salazar, Andres - Cinematographer Vicente Durà, Joan - Production Designer Gallagher, Chelsea - Sound Recordist Gong, Yingqing - Editor Gong, Yingqing - Camera Assistant Rowe, Thomas - Gaffer Cioffi, Pierfrancesco

at dawn flowers open the gates of paradise_unity arts festival_copyright London Film School

At dawn flowers open the gates of paradise, 14min, 2017
“At dawn the flowers open the gates of paradise”, is a film which tells the story the drama of losing yourself in the feeling of love. Akiko works in a central London hotel as a housekeeper. She finds refuge in a personal project - she is taking photographs of the hotel guests used bed sheets, like a sculpture printed by peoples sleeping and sleeplessness from the previous night. When she hears that love of her life - Oskar has married, she builds from her photographs a kind of cocoon; an altar, on which she lies down holding a ritual to free her spirit from the world, which she cannot be reconciled.

London Film School Crew
Writer-Director Piekacz, Elzbieta - Producer Adamson, Cait Lyn - Producer Eldar, Ronen - Assistant Director Eldar, Ronen - Gaffer Billon, Antoine - Focus Puller Ward, Cameron - Camera Assistant Volpi, Franco - Stills Photographer Gallagher, Chelsea - Art Director Gallagher, Chelsea - Costume Designer Adnani, Shalini - Title Design Pyun, Heeyoung

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The Hunting, 4min, 2016
The Hunting is a short horror about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the night and must face his own fears.

London Film School Crew
Writer-Director Achtelik, Pawel - Camera Operator Clarke, Maximilian - Director of Photography King, Zara - Focus Puller Tornier, Diane - Assistant Director Yu, Hai Li - Editor Achtelik, Pawel - Producer Achtelik, Pawel

Wires, 10min, 2017
“Wires” is a story about Lily, a night janitor in 1950’s London. She is in love with a music composer who lives in the building she works in but struggles to get him to notice her. She tries getting the courage to talk with him by connecting with him via the building's switchboard room but instead decides to connect him with another resident in the building that she has been eavesdropping on. She listens to a relationship develop between them and gains a sense of hope that her own situation might be improved with a bit of luck.

London Film School Crew
Editor Chong, Ngai Man - Producer Compall, Nicholas - Director of Photography Mancosu, Anne - Director Morelli, Thomas - Camera Operator Sharma, Rahul - Production Designer Zhao, Xiannuo