Life Drawing the Bauhaus, Miles Coote & Dr. Angella Hodgeson-Teall

Join this workshop to explore the role of collaboration, creativity and folk within the community and celebrate the Centenary of the Bauhaus art movement, which was created in 1919. The Bauhaus, developed in Germany as a ‘Building house’ (its literal meaning), used a combination of arts and crafts, including architecture, design and pottery.  It explored collaborations with modernist music, dance and performance. Physical and industrial objects were also used.

This is a drop-in event with materials provided to think queerly, and in a broad way, about the Bauhaus through drawing, life modelling and costume.

11 to 4pm | 50 places available arebyte Gallery


Angela Hodgson-Teall is a practicing artist, trained medical practitioner and is a council member of the Association of Medical Humanities.  Her PhD Drawing on the Nature of Empathy (University of the Arts London) investigated the use of drawing with staff in relation to their practice of empathy, in the clinical settings of Lewisham, Greenwich and King's NHS Trusts. 

Miles Coote is a London based visual artist and practices with live art and painting. He established the Bareback Museum in 2016, which explores the participation of life drawing, sexual health, and intimacy within queer communities and institutions. The Bareback Museum has been included within collaborations at Tate Britain, Barbican Centre, and with Dr Angela Hodgson-Teall at the AHRC Commons, Urban Laboratory (University College London) and the Association of Medical Humanities.