Life Drawing, Daniela Galan

This workshop is an accessible, creative and relaxing introduction to the basic skills of drawing.
You will explore and develop your personal approach to drawing in relation to a dressed life model; discovering a range of expressive responses to the human form and its surrounding environment.
Through a mixture of short and long poses, you will have the opportunity to explore a range of materials, including charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolours and paintings. You will be encouraged to express yourself freely with guidance from the tutor.


Daniela Galan

Daniela Galan is a Colombian artist graduated of Fine Arts and History of Art from Goldsmiths University. Since she started her career as an artist she has been working at the intersection of contemporary art practice, sculpture and philosophy. Her research as a practicing artist has been focused on decoding the act of drawing, mastering how to print images into objects with liquid light (silver gelatine) and exploring industrial materials such as concrete, metal, mercury, to challenge our understanding of natural landscape. As a philosopher her practice has concentrated on exploring the concept of nature and understanding how this concept has been constructed through historical and political influences.