Music and Spoken Word

Visual Arts and Music Discovery Session

An evening of performance, visual arts and open mic held in Trinity Art Gallery. Featuring live music from Arch 1 and the Guitar Social

An Introduction to Guitar

Learn how to play one song in 90 minutes with The Guitar Social, no previous experience necessary. Open to all and guitars provided

Vocal Tech

Learn how to sing with the pros. This free workshop will be led by London based, contemporary vocal group The Gold Vocal Collective, who specialise in all things a cappella

The Four Chord Song Bible

You only need four chords to write a masterpiece and you only need 90 minutes to learn them. All participants will be invited back to play in an evening performance

Fisherman's Tales

Imagine The Brothers Grimm were not two 19th century German siblings, but one middle aged man from a North East fishing village. A spoken word performance by Peter Kennedy

Music Production

A free workshop powered by Native Instruments & Three Bears Ent. Taking you through music production using Logic Pro and Native Instruments

The Skiffle Explosion

Learn how British Rock and Roll legends improvised instruments to create a unique type of music that would later change the world

Joy of the Jam

We’re working through some of the greatest jam tracks ever recorded. High Octane, non-stop jam fun

Greenwich Village in the 1960’s

Using audio and visuals we’ll be exploring the small village of Greenwich, New York and discussing its impact on politics, attitudes and culture on a global level

Powered by Native Exhibition

A feature of new hardware from Native Instruments, a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing

An Introduction to Funk

Drawing on the work of Nile Rodgers we’ll learn how to play two of his songs as well as experiment with some of his pioneering tricks

Improvisation Workshop

Some of the best solos contain very few notes. Become a musical haiku writer as we take a small scale and play big solos