Music Tech, The Woods

The Woods shall be offering a drop-in music technology and networking event in studio 4.
Centred around products from Genelec and Native Instruments. We shall be demonstrating the latest Genelec studio monitor speakers and home equipment and offering open drop-in sessions to test out the latest MPC drum kits from Native Instruments and warm audio. Led by Pete Boxsta Martin & Dantae Johnson.



The Woods Studios have been brought to you by Three Bears Entertainment, a production company with creative talent at the heart of our business. Our artists are signed to both major and independent record labels and publishing companies such as, BMG, SONY Music and Universal Music.

The latest project for Three Bears Entertainment is the creation of the Woods Studios at London City Island.

The Woods Studios are a vibrant hub situated at the heart of London City Island offering a mix of creative and fitness workspaces.

We move to the pulse of the island. We are a creative hub offering four practical workspaces centered on Music Production, Photography, and Physical activity. Each workspace will have state of the art facilities to accommodate the needs of our clients. Simply put, The Woods Studios is about giving you space to create, move and grow.

Our overarching long term mission is to connect consumers to creative spaces. We will act as a creative hub linking companies and artists to more of the resources that will help them launch and sustain successful careers. Be it from our own expertise, or those of other members of the community. Cross pollination of creative enterprise has unlimited potential. We truly believe this, and our success is measured by the success of the community.

East London has one of the most densely populated artist communities in Britain. We aim to serve this community in order to help them elevate their art.