Oil Painting, Anett Deli

This oil painting workshop will focus on pattern painting, especially patterns from napkins. The napkin pattern will be the guideline, the inspiration of the workshop, but you can also bring your own favorite pattern. Floral, geometric, monochrome, colorful or abstract, it is up to you. We will be looking at oil painting techniques to repeat, enlarge or do symmetrical pattern.

2 to 3pm, 3 to 4pm and 4 to 5pm 10 places available per workshop | Trinity Art Studios All materials included


6 Anett Deli, Porcelain, 2006, napkin, oil on canvas, 17 cm ø

Anett Deli's Artist Statement:
Most of my artworks are site-specific installations, complex interiors, environments and I use lots of materials in my work. I have many paintings, various applications and smaller- bigger pieces objects.

As a feminine artist and a woman has been employed in traditional female roles, like house works: cleaning, washing, cooking. I am interested in the kitsch, the ready-made art and the objects transformation. Collecting mania is my lifestyle that accompanies me all way in my life.

In recent years, my favorite pattern is floral motive, this is absolutely feminine atmosphere of my artworks. My flowers, roses are sometimes very fresh marks while on the other hand they make a decorative silhouette on the surface of my pictures. As a figurative painter, I have always preferred still-life, conversation pieces and interior spaces. I like the repeating wallpaper, drapery patterns and the geometric ornamentation. My style of motives has been inspired by porcelain/ textile designs, the pattern painting/ decorative art, and everything that is casual, kitschy and plastic. Most of the times I operate in series. I like the touch of associations and alliteration, my titles help to start and rethink.