Teddy May de Kock


Teddy May de Kock is a Dutch theatre and performance maker based in London. In 2007, de Kock graduated in acting, song and dance from the Erasmus (Rotterdam), followed by a BA in theatre at ArtEZ (Arnhem). In 2016, she graduated from the MA Performance Making at Goldsmiths, University of London.

De Kock investigates how the invisible can be made visible via the live-act and merges the different disciplines of theater, performance and fine art. She is driven by themes of desire, hope, ambition and how individuals try to find value & meaning in modern life. De Kock simultaneously questions what performing means, what language means, and what inhabiting other personas, objects, costumes, times may mean. Experimenting with theatre elements such as, acting, dramatic conventions, spotlight, stage, curtains, storytelling, magic, characterization, rehearsal and the exaggerated use of smoke machines, self-made props and music; de Kock’s practice creates gates to locate live-ness while blurring the lines between theatre and performance. 

You can watch Teddy's performance The Bold & The Beautiful as part of The Discovery Sessions on Saturday 21st September at Trinity Art Gallery.