21stCentury Nuns, 15min, 1993
Documentary about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters are an order of gay, male nuns, consisting of approximately 30 in Great Britain. Their work covers many areas including: safer sex education, protests and demonstrations, outreach to the gay community, and providing ritual to the gay population. Their goal is to ""expiate all stigmatic guilt and promulgate universal joy...". Starring Derek Jarman.

London Film School Crew
Producer Pollack, Gavin Hugo - Editor Pollack, Gavin Hugo - Camera Operator Clarke, Andrew - Sound Designer Wald, Jasmin - Director Stephan, Thomas Andrew

RAVE-Behind the Scenes_16mm stills

Rave, 12min, 1997
Documentary about Rave parties. We follow a DJ from Insanity Sound System as he breaks into a warehouse and rigs his equipment. A rave is on. He explains why and how he organises illegal raves. We meet two Ravers, one who calls himself a techno-tourist since he travels all over Europe to party and a girl who goes to raves every weekend and enjoys taking drugs.

London Film School Crew
Co-Director Hermansen, Jorgen - Editor Hermansen, Jorgen - Director Grude, Torstein - Producer Grude, Torstein - Script Supervisor Grude, Torstein - Camera Operator Ramborg, Jens - Lighting Cameraman Bonhomme, Tatiana - Sound Designer Stallmark, Joachim - Camera Operator Grude, Torstein - Camera Assistant Nydal, Sven Are - Gaffer Aristopoulos, Alexander - Gaffer Pietras, Joakim Daniel - Gaffer Wilson, Erik Alexander - Animator Grude, Torstein - Title Design Grude, Torstein

Dockland, 1974
Dockland consists mostly in photographs and animation to show the various research into development of the London Docklands in the mid-seventies.
Photos from Port of London Authority.

London Film School Crew
Sound Designer Noseda, Peiter Gerald - Director April Spencer - Dialogue Robin Smyth

Blue Print for Britain 1970s, 10min, 1988
Blue Print is a documentary about the redevelopment of the Isle of Dogs & Dockland. Interview with the old dissatisfied inhabitants and the new 'yuppies' and developers.

London Film School Crew
Director Kamath, Ranjan Joseph - Producer Caminada, Tiziana A.m. - Camera Operator Caminada, Tiziana A.m. - Lighting Cameraman Deokule, Prasanna - Sound Designer Mutis, Jorge - Script Supervisor Mutis, Jorge - Editor Lincoln, Joanna Louise

Docks, 12min, 1969
Docks is a documentary film about the London Docks in which dockers explain their opposition to containerisation. What use is technological progress if the work of two hundred men is now done by twelve, but the twelve work just as hard and the rest of the men are unemployed? The only benefit is in the increased profit of the shipping companies.

London Film School Crew
Director Caccia, Antonia C. - Camera Operator Louvish, Simon - Camera Operator Scott, Jenkins - Editor Cabral, Joao J.d.s.

Ultimate living, 9min, 1970
Making the East End into the new West End boasts the ambitious development proposal for the disused St Katharine's Dock area on the Thames. This student film juxtaposes the glossy redevelopment plans for a marina, hotel and export centre with chunky quotations from Friedrich Engels on the struggles of the workers and cynical comments from "the forgotten people": local residents who fear that the proposal will only benefit the wealthy.

London Film School Crew
Writer-Director Dalzell, Terrence Richard - Prideaux, Lucy Caroline -  Parkinson, Michael - Ferreira, Sergio 

Southwark - a personal view, 8min, 1976
A sensitive view of old Southwark and the buildings which remain from it. Many interesting shots of riverside Southwark. Views of Modern Southwark in the rain. A poem is read throughout about looking at the past.

London Film School Crew
Director Hamlet Shahbazian - Assistant M. Navabi and J. Ahzan

The Birthday, 8min, 1969
A woman is on her way to hospital in an ambulance to have her baby and remembers things not thought of for years; How she met her husband, her first understanding of death when she saw her grandfather laid out in the parlour of their home... She is frightened of the birth as it is her first child. Could it be a monster? Her thoughts are all in confusion and excitement.

London Film School Crew
Director Roddam, Francis - Producer Maunder, Paul Alan - Lighting Cameraman Tattersall, Gale - Editor   Knope, David - Sound Recordist Wolff, Richard Keith - Camera Operator Block, Cyrus Paul